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Thread: Best Skype Resolver - What is - How to

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    Best Skype Resolver - What is - How to

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    >> IP address tool, Best Skype Resolver <<
    >> The Best VPN (DDos Protection) <<
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    This is A guide on how to locate and identify someone's IP address from Skype


    1. What is a Skype Resolver?
    2. What can I do with someone's IP address? Why do I care?
    3. Where can I find a Skype Resolving tool?
    4. How to use your Skype Resolver.
    5. Last Minute Advise

    1) What is a Skype resolver?

    ... A Skype Resolver is Program tool designed to Identify the IP address of any user on Skype.

    2) What can I do with someone's IP address? Why do I care?

    ...Have you ever had your money stolen by a scammer? Have you ever been trolled by a spammer? Have ever been threatened on Skype? If so then you can probably think of a time where it would have been great to have that MO-FO's IP address

    ...With someones IP address you can do a lot of things.

    -The Most common Use of an IP address is for DDOSING (Deliberate Denial of Service) This is a Method of Sending packages to someone's modem in order to overload and shut down their network connection. The Person will be unable to log onto the internet from any device connected to that modem
    - You can find out where they live. You can find out personal information on someone with very little information. With Facebook, their IP location, and their name on paypal, you can almost identify any person and where they are in real life.
    -You can send the private exploits such as R.A.T's (remote access)

    3) Where can I find a Skype resolving tool?

    ... There are free Skype Resolvers, and those that come paid for when You buy a ddoser (booter/stressor)...

    >>> The Free Ones Sometime work Better than the paid ones

    4) How to Use your Skype Resolver

    >>> Go to Skype. Right click on the name of the person You wish to Skype resolve. Click on their Profile.

    >>> Right click their Profile Name. Click on Copy (this copies to clipboard). Then Paste their Account Name into the Skype Resolver

    >>> The Resolving tool will Notify If the User has a VPN (Virtual Port Network) connected
    ..........If they do then any attempted ddosing the IP of their VPN sever. Not their Home location (still has effect on their connection)
    ..........If they do not have a VPN detected, then that is their Real IP address, and it's OPEN SEASON

    5) Last Minute Advise

    .... The use of these Tools is common Knowledge. If you are going to attempt DDosing, please be advised.
    >>>> People can use MSconfig to ping the address of all locations sending packages to their computer (they can find you)
    >>>> Many people have a VPN, if you do not... then do not start a fight you can't finish

    Best Skype Resolver
    This is the best DDos protected VPN i have come accross:

    >>>> When using a DDOS system in conjection with their IP address. Distance Away and Power Matters
    >>>> If you can only Resolve a person's VPN address. Try ddosing them.... after ddosing them continuously they will have to change servers or their VPN will re-establish..... This gives you about a 30 second window to Skype resolve their real IP address
    >>>> Try DDOS and Skype resolve back and forth ... when you resolve their real IP adress (WRITE IT DOWN).. you got them
    >>>> Just be careful if you are new to this. The Rest of us aren't new. And if you start a fight you can't win, you might end up buying a new modem.... (mommy and daddy aren't going to be very happy with you)

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    Thank for sharing

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    Great post again Sky Keys!

    But sometimes that website doesn't get the IP.

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    hey sky keys i just tryed that on me mate and it didnt work any ideas

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    Try Using a Newer Browser, Also Sometimes the Anon Website is overloaded. I will Post other Free Skype Resolvers.

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    Nice! This will be useful!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlowBrah View Post
    Thanks man this worked!

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    Thanks. Have been looking for this a long time

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    Good website for resolving but sometimes won't work... I would recommend then searching on Google for *Skype resolver* or whatever related to this.

    This will save you time waiting for website to work!
    Or just use a wesbite that members have posted.

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