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04-11-2013, 02:13 PM
A mod i made for a while ago, think it is still worth posting on here!

You all know the regular wagermatch GunGame. I always loved this mode (cod4 mod). When i saw it only concluded 20 weapons i decided to modify it. With succes! The regular GunGame, but a bit tuned.

-Single Player Weapons
-Modified Minigun (Leipe Gun)
-Grenades (Unlimited Ammo)
-Some text feedback (kills,headshot)
-Special Weapon button ("X") BlushAngel

The total tiers on this release is 60 tiers. Including every weapon from multiplayer and a lot of Single Player guns. 2 Miniguns. 1 regular, 1 modified. Valkery, Grim Reaper. Ray Gun and so on... Just play it Tongue

Starting mod:
I hope everyone already knew this, but for the few who didn't. To start a GunGame, load the mod from the mod menu. Open console and type:

\g_gametype gun;map_rotate


https://www.virustotal.com/nl/file/0fca0ee3abd87fd6df066c8a062ced9666b3f7498c056636ef 1e9bae9c3d3aa7/****ysis/


Please respect and like, and whatever needed to tell me you like it :) I would like that

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