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I think that is often where the "judging" accusation comes from.
Have peace, knowing that your heart and head were in the right place.
I think it might benefit you to talk to some of the coworkers you
might have rubbed the wrong way and just tell them you
care about them and that is the motivation for what you said, sorry if
it came off as judgmental.

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fake oakleys Jenks City Attorney Stephen Oakley, who issued the statement, said
the city attorneys of Collinsville, Sperry and Skiatook "are aware of what is going on and are supportive of what we are saying."The sheriff
recently sent a letter to area law enforcement agencies saying
that, as of July 1, he would not accept municipal inmates into the jail
unless charges have been filed or the municipalities agree to
pay for them.The statement from the city attorneys notes that
Glanz has requested that municipalities pay $64.13 per day per
inmate, not the $44 to $55 the Sheriff's Office has stated previously.Their statement also says area municipalities were
assured during the push for a sales tax initiative
in the 1990s to fund construction and operation of the jail that "up to one half their jail capacity could be in the new jail at no cost if they supported the (tax) increase.""Now cities are being asked to use their revenues to house 'municipal inmates' as defined by the sheriff," the statement
reads. "Is this 'double dipping'?"Glanz has argued that two state
attorney general opinions support his claim that arresting
agencies are responsible for holding inmates until the county prosecutor files formal charges.If the Sheriff's Office assumes that responsibility, Glanz says, then it should be
compensated for providing the service.Undersheriff Tim Albin said that
in addition to the attorney general opinions, the Sheriff's Office is relying on a document signed by local municipalities outlining the terms by which inmates are to
be held in the Tulsa Jail.The trust indenture, signed in November 1995, states that "the city and town beneficiaries shall not have any right to house any of their respective prisoners in any detention facility for which the trust administers funds, without payment of appropriate costs, as determined by the governing body of the county of Tulsa, Oklahoma."Albin said the Sheriff's Office would not have requested the payments from local municipalities "if we did not believe we were in good legal standing."But city of Tulsa officials have
argued that prior to the November 1995 sales tax
vote to fund construction and operation of the jail, county
residents were assured by the county that they would not be charged for
holding municipal inmates if the tax were approved.They point to, among other things, a
July 1995 letter from then Tulsa County Commissioner Bob
Dick to then Tulsa Mayor Susan Savage.The letter states that the jail sales tax, if approved,
"would relieve city of Tulsa's budget from the current $2.2 million obligation for operating costs of the jail."The county jail
has been overcrowded for the past two years, causing budget overruns.
The five year agreement expires June 30.The two sides are millions of dollars apart
on how much the city should pay to hold its inmates in the jail.Cities are
in need of increased revenues. fake oakleys

fake oakleys Sure and I get that. At this
point I'm concerned that the county commissioners aren't going to pass
the vote. I hope that there is a solid plan B in case things go
south tomorrow. I feel absolutely devastated, like a piece of
me died. So so empty and distraught. Feels like some kind of sick joke fake oakleys.

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