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  1. Ultimate pentesting platform Windows machines for you to PWN and learn hacking


    I put in place a real pentesting platform for you to pwn. No simulation, no regex, no sharing, you get 24-hour access to real machines with real flaws. Up to you to exploit them in a...
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    [book] How to hack Like a GOD


    I would like to share a book that might help you on a hacking/pentesting engagement.
    It simulates a real hacking scenario from start to finish. From planting a small hardware in a store to...
  3. How to Hack Like a Pornstar - Everything you need to know about Hacking

    Hi guys,

    I would like to share a book that goes through a real life hacking scenario : From building phishing malware to hacking a Mainframe (while of course p0wning some Windows Domains :-) )
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