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    Brave Browser - Install and make money

    Brave Browser is a chromium based browser that pay you money while you browse the internet. Basically it removes ads and substitute for tokens that pay webmasters...
  2. Guide to Bitcoin: Buying, Mining, Gambling, Claiming & Clicking...

    The best place to buy bitcoin is at Coinbase -

    Mining - You make less money with this method but works.

    CryptoTab Browser -
  3. Monero Mining V5 - Mine Monero Cryptocurrency like a pro

    Mine Monero Cryptocurrency using multiple services and increase your earnings faster!


    Virus Scan (One false...
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    Simple Active Bot - Private Version

    Simple Active Bot is a set of individual tools created to scan the internet looking for some types of devices and perform tasks.
    The Private Version comes with more than 500 individual tools.

  5. PPV Enhancer V1 - Make money viewing or downloading videos

    PPV is Paid Per View. PPV Enhancer is a program to make money viewing or downloading videos.


    Virus Scan...
  6. Atspace - Free Web Hosting with all the perks

    Features for free web hosting
    1GB Disk Space
    Unlimited Bandwidth
    1 Domain & 3 Subdomains
    1 Email Account (50 MB)
    100% No Ads
    1 MySQL 5.7 Database (30 MB)

    One Click Install
    For Wordpress,...
  7. WinCamXP 5 Live Viewer - View Webcams from live feed

    WinCamXP 5 Live Viewer is a program that gets 100 cameras from a live feed and show to the user.
    1) No more passwords or clicking in multiple links to get access to webcams.
    2) Just load the...
  8. Facebook Mobile Spy - Anonymous way to get his/her mobile number

    The anonymous way to get his/her mobile number without them knowing about it.

    Fill the form and wait. To speed the process do the offer link.
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    TP-Link Archer C5 Scraper

    TP-Link Archer C5 Scraper is a program that is part of "Simple Active Bot" that targets TP-Link Archer C5 devices. The program gets a list of Archer C5 devices connected to the internet and show in a...
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    Powerline 500 WiFi AP (XWN5001) Controler

    Powerline 500 WiFi AP (XWN5001) Controler is a program that is part of "Simple Active Bot" that targets NetGear Powerline 500 WiFi Access Point model XWN5001. The program gets a list of devices...
  11. CirCarLife SCADA Scraper V1 - Smart Solution to charge electronic cars

    CirCarLife SCADA is a smart solution to charge electronic cars. In spanish "Soluciones de recarga inteligente de vehículos eléctricos".

    CirCarLife SCADA Scraper V1 is just a program to retrieve...
  12. Supervisor DOS V1 - A Denial Of Service program for unix systems using Supervisor

    Supervisor is a process control system that allows its users to monitor and control a number of processes on UNIX-like operating systems. Supervisor DOS V1 is a program that makes a Denial Of Service...
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    Here is my latest projects...

    Uganda ShortCut - Avoid taxation on social media in Uganda

    AllYouLike ShortCut - Avoid blocking filters for AllYouLike site

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    Sun Java System Web Proxy Server Scraper

    This is a small scraper program developed for a release forum that find "Sun Java System Web Proxy Servers".

    The list is updated periodicaly, so, check the list once per day to find new ips.
  15. Prizes already given away: 1 Submit Racing...

    Prizes already given away:

    1 Submit Racing subscription magazine
    1 Vodafone Sim/nano Card
    1 Yorn Sim/nano Card
    1 Nos Sim/nano Card
    1 UZO Sim/nano Card
    1 Vectone Mobile Sim/nano Card
    1 Lyca...
  16. Phone Prizes - Win prizes by filling your phone

    Win prizes by filling your phone and email!
    (The email is only to send prizes, it isn't disclosed)

    Why do i need to send my email?
    After you open the file you will be prompt for your email...
  17. Cbox Marketing Bot - Receive more visitors on your site

    What is Cbox?
    Cbox is a embed chatbox to include in a website or blog. It gives interaction in real time between the admin and his/her visitors or can be used to start discussions in the website.
  18. PTC Enchancer V3 - Make money clicking in pages

    Publishing a program that asks for a user email and let the user generate money by viewing and clicking on the pages...

  19. Global Monero Miner V1 - Monero Mining that pays you

    Global Monero Miner is aim to provide a all in one interface to mine monero. It combines a mix of monero miners with the flexibility of paying the users using their email. To use as always is quite...
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    SafeSkyHacks has been hacked


    This forum was been hacked and usernames and passwords are available to anyone. I made a search and the information match so ADMIN consider upgrading your security for this...
  21. Monero Mining V3 - Mine Monero Crypto Currency

    Mine Monero Crypto Currency using multiple services and increase your earnings faster!


    Virus Scan...
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    Report URLs V2 - Report malicious urls

    Report URLs is a tool to report malicious urls.
    It gives the user a simple interface to report malicious or questionable sites to be blocked by Microsoft Smartscreen or Google SafeBrowsing.
  23. New link above is not working. Visit...

    New link above is not working. Visit
  24. Get notified about the latest privateloader releases

    Get the latest privateloader releases.

    Just visit the url below and accept to receive notifications!

    For Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and...
  25. Coinpot Faucets - A bitcoin loophole that earn you $0.02 per round

    Anyone that have been searching around about bitcoin will find a extended list of associate services that can make you generate little amount of bitcoins. The best way is to buy is directly, but, if...
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