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  1. CryptoTab Browser by OrangePie - Download the browser for the web

    - Surf up to 3x more faster
    - Mine Bitcoin in the background

    Download and Install
  2. InfluencerCash - Make $25 just to register. Minimum Cashout: $200

    Influencer Cash is a service that pays users to share content in Social Media. Currently Influencer Cash has jobs for Youtube, Instagram, Facebook...
  3. Minority Mindset - Subscribe the newsletter about investing & money...

    Minority Mindset is a YouTube channel about investing & money tips. Recently Minority Mindset launched a email newsletter where you can receive...
  4. If you are having problems with PacketStream for...

    If you are having problems with PacketStream for Windows while trying to update to the latest version then download any of the mirrors below.

    Before installing or re-installing make sure...
  5. Extracting email with Hacxx Email Extractor - Free Download

    Hacxx Email Extractor is a small command line utility that will extract emails from the urls that the user type in. This is a good tool to build email...
  6. LoadTeam - Payouts via Paypal. Minimum US$1 payout. Free $0.20 just to install.


    Workload a bit heavy
    May run a bit slower

  7. Honeygain - Earn Money with your unused Internet

    Honeygain is a crowdsourced network company which enables other businesses to conduct intelligence, market, and business research. It is an application...
  8. After testing PacketStream i got $0.10 for 766.4...

    After testing PacketStream i got $0.10 for 766.4 MB.

  9. PacketStream - Make up to $0.10 per GB. Minimum Payout $5.00

    Earn $0.10 for each GB shared on PacketStream
    $5.00 minimum cashout threshold
    Cashout via Paypal
    Available worldwide in all geo locationss
  10. Hacker Link 5 Linklist Vault (Full Version) - Hacker/Cracker Forum List

    This is the biggest and hottest hacker forum linklist posted online with 360 active hacking forums. Manually verified.

    Note: This program doesn't work...
  11. DB - 13 Million accounts breached December 2015 - Free Download

    In December of 2015, the popular Minecraft Resolver site was breach and 13M usernames and IP Addresses was leaked.

  12. Hacxx Movies Direct Access (2019) Update 2 ...

    Hacxx Movies Direct Access (2019) Update 2

    The update 2 is just a proxy fix as the previous proxy is no longer online. Users can access the script and perform searches but will not going to...
  13. Hacxx Movies Direct Access (2019) - Watch Movies Online or Download it for free - [Up

    Hacxx Movies Direct Access (2019) is a small search engine that scans public directories set up by movie pirates.

    How to use?
    To use a user just need to type the movie he/she is looking in the...
  14. Sneaky Email Combo (Gmail, Mail, Yahoo, Yandex, Minecraft) - Free Download

    In 20 of July of 2019 a email combo called Sneaky (шляхтен in russian) was posted online. After flag and verification, one of my emails were available and the password were a match.

  15. Review about Brave Browser and Basic Attention Token (BAT)

    Since june 2019 i joined Brave Browser affiliate program to recommend users to install Brave Browser. Basically what a visitor need to do is download Brave Browser...
  16. database leaked 13 June 2019 - Free Download

    In 13 June 2019, the hacking website suffered a data breach. There were 95k unique email addresses spread across 86k forum users and other tables in the...
  17. Pinapfile Pay Per Install - Users Install programs and you get paid

    PinapFile is Pay Per Install program, it pays users for each instalation of PinapFile software.

    How to use?
    1) A user clicks the link and download PinapFile...
  18. [WINDOWS] Best Online Exchange rates - Compare and save money

    A program for windows that compares prices between exchangers.


    Virus Scan: (3/68)...
  19. Make up to $0.60 for each visitor that you send to a site

    Visit and browse around

    Test the app Bestchange!

  20. [JSE Coin] JavaScript Embedded CryptoCurrency

    Register as miner

    Download miner:
  21. [PTC] Ojooo Wad - The only Paid to Click that pays you

    Ojooo Wad is a plataform that connects advertisers to users by viewing ads. The user view 16 ads per day and can make money by clicking and inviting people to Ojooo.

    Warning: You need to view 4...
  22. Hacxx Anonymous Torrent Search V3 - Your best choice to anonymously find torrents

    Hacxx Anonymous Torrent Search V3 is a simple search engine that searches in popular torrent sites for your favorite torrents. The reason why Hacxx Anonymous Torrent Search was created was to bypass...
  23. BestChange - Best Exchange Rates for E-Currencies [APP + info]

    If you wanna exchange money or simply want to save money while exchanging currency online then BestChange is for you.
    Currently it supports transfers for more than 150 currencies.

    Visit site...
  24. Leaked Email Project - Searchable - 000Webhost + 5 Million gmail + nulled

    Releasing an archive with a searchable engine for 000Webhost, 5 Million Gmail and nulled accounts. To use just extract to a webhosting site with support for PHP or run it locally. All the combos are...
  25. Realtime Price for Basic Attention Token (BAT) - Brave's Cryptocurrency

    Price for each instalation of Brave Browser
    * - Using a Proxy tool for realtime price

    Install Brave Browser
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