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Thread: Using InfastarSSH with VA Loader

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    Using InfastarSSH with VA Loader

    Hey everybody! I am new to the forums and also to Hacking in general and Was looking to get the InfastarSSH menu. Currently I am using VA with their menu which i dont like and was just wondering how to install InfastarSSH to work with it. The VA forums say nothing about how to change your menu that i can tell other than how to add scripts to their menu.

    Any Help would be appreciated

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    /closed Look for current threads with the request you're asking for, offered personal assistance, so presumed complete
    I have threads that could possibly help you:
    How to open ArmA2 Without steam changing cdkey
    How to change an RE
    Scripting for noobs
    DayZ Spawn Service

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    Sorry I do not have the files with me at, currently at school, if you still need assistance will be on tonight. Add me on skype:

    geordza trakman


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