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Thread: [NO Survey] Colour Switch Hack Cheats Generator For Android & iOS

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    [NO Survey] Colour Switch Hack Cheats Generator For Android & iOS

    About Colour Switch Online Hack Generator Tool

    Colour switch is a new game that is based on scores. Its a very easy game in which balls are bounced in the air and the colours are matched to an obstacle and the balls are passed through it. Player has to pass through many of the obstacles then crash into different colours. It has a challenge in which ball is in the air keeps on changing its colour. As you keep on playing the game, obstacles become more complex, speed is higher and more shapes come in your way. This game is addictive type of game.

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    What is the Game?
    A ball is under your control you tap on the screen and it moves in the air. The ball must not touch the obstacle. Every obstacle has one or many shapes. Shape can be circle, square, triangle, etc. with many lines or dots.

    The ball you are moving also changes its colour. As long as the ball colour is same your target is to collect stars as much as you can. The stars are found in the middle of the shapes or in between them thats why you have to pass through them. The future of the game is in the leader board as that is no purchases or premium items in application of the game. There are so many advertisements that pop in.

    Ads Free and high score gainer tool
    Are you looking for a tool that can help you play the game with no advertisements? We have such an amazing tool for you. Just go through our Colour Switch Hacking Tool and you can unlock high scores and remove all advertisements that appear on game.

    It does not require you jailbreak or an installation of APK file. You simply have to download the application or software by using the button on our website.

    Colour Switch Hack Features
    Colour Switch Cheat can generate you top scores.
    It will remove all the advertisements.
    Its easy to use.
    It has a simple interface.
    It is updated automatically to make it sure if the software is working.
    It has been tested by many people.
    No root required.
    No jailbreak required.
    It is not detectable.
    It is anti-ban and proxy software.
    It works on Android phones and tablets as well as on iOS devices.

    How to use Colour Switch Hack ?
    Click on the hack game button on our website
    Browse through the link.
    Type your username ID.
    Select the highest score you want to generate.
    Select the anti-ban function.
    Press button generate.
    Wait for verification.

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