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Thread: Afitz200's VERY LATE Intro

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    Afitz200's VERY LATE Intro

    Hello, For those of you who don't know. I'm Afitz200 :P
    I was referred to this site by BruceWayne because he wanted me to apply for a developer staff position. At this current moment me and him were friends who met over the common interest of making hacks in dayz. At this time the most i made was a scroll menu. Him a Wuat menu. He contacted me one day to ask if he could include my small. but strong menu into his hacks. I said yes. Then Batman Hacks V2 came out and there was my name. At the bottom. A special video just for my scroll menu also . He saw my potential and told me to apply as a dev. I went.. Sure why not. 24 hours later. I got a skype message from bruce.
    "Welcome to the team!". I got excited and jumped on to see developer tag under my name, And a lot of people welcoming me to the team and asking why it took me so long.... Thats how i joined SSH

    I'm currently developing a Online Game, If successful, Make me financially Stable and afford college.
    I started developing a menu to make more money to fund my development. My next goal is 100 dollars for a holograph emulator
    I've always wanted to give back to the community such as giving away stuff for free, Moderating ***Y FORUMS like this.
    I feel like i do a good job and i am very active.
    However times are tough and i try to make this a part of my day. My only job is selling keys, Skydaddy is never online for me to restock every now and then.
    I'm currently learning CPR because the other day i saw someone have a heart attack in front of me and drop unconscious.

    Anyway this is what i'm doing. I never gave a proper Intro and Really wanted to tell you guys what's going on

    I really hope to be an admin on here one day. I want to learn many programming languages and such :/

    This is Afitz200,
    Happy Hacking

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    Welcome .

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