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Thread: Microsoft Visual Basic 08/10 Tutorial | Hello World

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    Microsoft Visual Basic 08/10 Tutorial | Hello World

    Hello Guys
    Today Showing You That is the easiest programming language.
    Lesson1: Hello World
    Code will be in BLUE

    Our Code Will Be
    2-If Progressbar1.value = 100 then
    msgbox("Hello World")
    Ok Guys, I am more good at vb so i will tell you everything in the code.

    Things needed
    1 Button
    1 Timer
    1 Progressbar
    You can find them in Toolbox.

    Step 1
    -This Defines that progressbar move's every 1 second 1% From 100.
    -Value Can Be Changed. Will Move Faster. "(Number Value)"

    Step 2
    -If Progressbar1.value = 100 then
    -This language let you feel you are talking to someone, so easy to define and understand it.
    -If progressbar1.value = 100 then means: if the progressbar get the maximum number that is 100 then an a command will happen.

    Step 3
    And Step 2, at the end i said a command will happen.
    -Timer1.stop is a commands that tell's the timer to stop and doesn't load any more.

    Step 4
    -msgbox("Hello World")
    -msgbox is a shortcut from MessageBox.
    -After Msgbox need's to have two practice and two comma's like this ("Text")
    -You can write what you want in text but don't remove the comma's.

    And This Is Our Program. Has Been Done.
    Thanks, Hope Your Learned This Lesson.

    Need any Help? feel free to add me on skype: Mation.vis (Please Write SSH And Your Name in the Request nor i will not accept it)
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