At This Tutorial I Am Gonna Tell you how to understand the code, how to create the code.
First i will give you 2 code's will be example for us.
1-Open File Dialog.
OpenFileDialog1.Filter = "DLL (*.dll) |*.dll"
Ok Let's Understand the code.
-OpenFileDialog1.Filter = "DLL (*.dll) |*.dll"
-OpenFileDialog1.Filter, Means: That's The Dialog Will be opened to open anything, The filter will be using is DLL.
What's Filter?
Filter Is the type of the file that's is only allowed to be opened with the dialog.
To Type The Filter You want to be only opened by the dialog Edit This. "DLL (*.dll) |*.dll"
-OpenFileDialog1.ShowDialog(), Means: That To Show The Dialog after i defined the filter type in step 1
Why Do I add "()" at the end?
That's a command that tell's him that the code ends in this sentence, and sometimes this used to add second's, example the timer.
For Example.
Also You Can find how to use timer and Hello World Tutorial, >>Here<<

Now We Finished The Code, Please if i forgot to mention anything else or something wrong tell me.
Now Another Code Will Be Example For anit Virus's, And Sorry if i am making hard things, but i want you to learn fast and good.
Things Needed:
1 Textbox1
2 Buttons
Scanning Code
If Textbox1.text.Contains("Virus") Then
MsgBox("Virus Was Detected")

End If
Msgbox("Safe File")
Let's Understand The Code.
-If TextBox1.Text.Contains("Virus") Then
-Here In That Small Code, I Am Telling Him that if the textbox have word "Virus" he makes an action i tell him
-The Word You want him to make an action on it, in our code is "Virus", Need's To be in in two Practices and 2 comma's, like you see.
-Msgbox("Virus Was Detected")
-Msgbox Is a shortcut from "MessageBox", This is the small window pop's up when you find virus, Saying the message you want, by removing "Virus Was Detected" and add the text you like.
-So Many People Doesn't know what it do and don't know when to use it.
So, Now will tell you.
-Else Used When you want to tell him, there something else.
-In Our Code was used by this form
-If textbox1.text doesn't contains word named "Virus" then you make the action i will tell you, in our code was
Msgbox("Safe File")
**NOTE**: If You use Key "If" You need to finish to code With "End If", By Putting It Over it like this.
End If
End Sub
This is. Simple Anti Virus Code, (Sure Not Working Real. It's VB.)
This Was an Example of codes that how is this language is easy and how to understand it !
Hope You Learned It, I Will Keep Releasing Tutorials For C++ And VB And C# Soon.
Thanks, Please If I Messed Anything please tell me to edit it. =)
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