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Thread: Facebook Tricks 2013/ FaceBook GHOST PROFILE

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    Facebook Tricks 2013/ FaceBook GHOST PROFILE

    Hello friends,

    Now scare your friends with a ghost profile on Facebook, a trick which i came to know recently just thought to share with you all, i hope you will like it

    Just click here to go to
    As soon as click above link then you are directed to ghost profile
    Just wait for few seconds then you will see that suddenly a ghost arrises from center of Facebook just like below
    Now just copy the link and send to your friends
    I used this tricks on my friends and many of friends are so scarred especially girls are shouting when they watched this prank and scared a lot.

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    I scared my girlfriend

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    i was honestley sitting there waiting for it to happen and i didnt realize that you had to click to make it work ! lol i ended up clicking randomly and then scared myself baadd. lol im going to share this link around.. its pretty scary haha

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    Same as K, nearly shit myself when I clicked, good job.

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