Hey guys, i'm here to bring you my Spawning services.

Here are the packages:

Package 1 (free)
-Any land vehicle
-Any weapon

Package 2 ($1) - one time use
-Package 1 deals
-Choice of vehicle (air, boat, or land)
-kill any player(s) you want

Package 3 "VIP" ($5) - monthly
-the above packages
-Access to unlimited ammo

Package 4 "Premium" ($7) - monthly
-The above packages
-Access to ESP

Package 5 "Platinum" ($10) - annually
-Access to whole menu:
-Godmode, ESP, Teleportation, unlimited ammo
-I will nuke any server you want
-Kill any player(s) you want
-Make Rustler's skybase for you
-Make a base for you
-Give you AI Squads to protect you while you loot
-Give you a camp
-Even give you AI driver (Thanks quantum)

How to contact me:
Skype: FreeToPlayOnPC

or PM me here. Skype is the quickest and easiest way to contact me.