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Thread: Garry's Mod Coders?

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    Garry's Mod Coders?

    Are there any Garry's Mod coders out there? Aka experienced Lua coders that have worked with Garry's Mod.

    I own a Trouble in Terrorist Town server and I want to try and make it more popular, I've been trying to learn Lua but there's some things I can't figure out, What I'm looking for is someone who has some time on their hands that would like to be our community coder, we have one right now but he's always super busy. Of course we'd pay you what we could per month or depending on the jobs you do.

    The reason I want a community coder on standby is because it's a pain in the ass to find coders for seperate jobs.

    If you're interested please contact me on Steam or Skype!

    Skype: SauzHacks
    Steam: [Z-FPS] Sauz

    I didn't know whether or not this was the right thread or not..

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    Nah, Good category

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