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Thread: UBot Studio 4.1

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    UBot Studio 4.1

    Quickly Automate Your Marketing On EVERY Website, Build Bots to Sell, Save Hundreds of Hours and Make Thousands of Dollars with Any Idea You Have

    With ZERO Programming or Coding Knowledge Required


    Wondering how to do SEO the smart way, and keep Google from catching you and killing your rankings?

    Worried that SEO no longer works the way it used to?

    That's because it DOESN'T.

    Now is the BEST time to create your own, customized marketing plan.

    Save Money, Save Time, Save Yourself From Getting Delisted:

    Leave the mass submitters to the masses and keep your sites from being sandboxed, quickly adapt to Google slaps and updates, get high quality unique backlinks, and stay anonymous the whole time by building your OWN marketing bots in a push-button program that YOU control.

    UBot Studio Is The Highly Recommended, First, and Best Automation Solution That Does Everything an Online Marketer Needs To Evolve - FAST

    What do you get inside?

    Includes 3 months award winning full-time support, UBot Underground Forum access (with over 30,000 posts), and a dozen high quality video tutorials + a lengthy help file with examples and instructions! (Right now monthly fee after 3 months is only $9, Limited Time Only - and is NOT required. However, we do SIGNIFICANT feature updates each month to stay ahead of the changing web!)

    And introducing...the Bot Bank - Thousands of Built-In Scripts for HUNDREDS of popular sites! Just right click and instantly build a submitter bot, an account creator, and more! Right inside UBot Studio!

    Bot Studio’s clean and intuitive interface means it has the shortest learning curve around.

    You decide whether you use the powerful, built in, drag-and-drop solutions for good or evil:

    Lightning Fast Account Making - Don't Ever Buy Accounts Again With Easy Commands That Let You Take Over Any Site

    Simple Email Verification - Wizard Works for ALL Email Types, Saving You From Ever Buying Email Addresses Again

    Bot Intuition - Form Filling and Element Selection Are Quick AND Simple Because UBot Does The Work For You, So You Can Worry About Creating Good Content

    Easy Web Scraping - Grab Data Quickly and Simply To Find URLs, Contacts, Keywords, and More, And Never Buy Another Lead List or Scraper Again

    One-Click Compiling Creates Exe's For Unlimited Distribution ANYWHERE - Letting You Run Your Bots on Computers Without UBot Studio. UBot Studio is the ONLY marketing software that lets you do this

    Message Sending, Social Bookmarking, Posting, and More is Simple with UBot's Easy, Plain Language Commands - All Inside One Simple Toolbox.

    It would cost you thousands of dollars to get the same features in other software. It would take a programmer years to clone UBot Studio's incredible built-in solutions and interface (believe me, some have tried ). With constant updates and a dedicated development and support staff spread across the US, UBot Studio is the clear choice for IM Automation.

    Is UBot Studio Powerful Enough for Today's Marketer? Absolutely! The Latest Version Includes The Best BlackHat Features You Need To OWN The Web:

    • Easy Proxy Switching Cloaks You

    • Simple User Agent Switching Hides Your Identity

    • Independent Browser Means No Reliance on IE, And More Stability and Reliability on ANY Site

    • Socket Settings Let Your Run Your Bots Completely Invisibly and Ferrari-fast by Turning Off CSS, Javascript, and Rendering

    • Spin Text Reading Fills Sites The Smart Way

    • Built-In Integration with Captcha Solving Services Tears Down The Walls Sites Throw Up and Lets You Walk Away From Your Computer Completely

    • Image Recognition Manipulates Even The Most Complicated Sites With a Single Button Click Flash and More

    • Multithreading Gives Your Bots Super Speed And Breaks The Barriers Of Manual Marketing

    • Private Bot Bank Lets You Save Your Commonly Used Scripts

    • Public Bot Bank Lets Our Huge Community Share Scripts

    • Code View Makes Quick Editing of Complex Bots As Easy As Cutting And Pasting Text

    Our Strong Support Staff And Development Team Work Harder Than Anyone To Build The Best Software For You.

    We Add A New Major Feature To UBot Studio Every Month. We Pay Close Attention To What Features Are Needed As The Web Changes. We Are Devoted To Our Software Working Everywhere, Every Day, And We Respond ASAP To Questions And Concerns.

    And: With Our 30-Day No Questions Asked Guarantee, You Can Try It Out Without Any Risk To You! We Offer Quick Refunds to Anyone for Any Reason Within The First 30 Days Of Purchase.

    Other automation programs stop working when sites change or Google decides their method is "too Blackhat". Other macro programs automate Windows, not the Web. Other complicated automation software FORCES you to learn to program. No competition combines the power of programming with the simplicity of a drag-and-drop software suite like UBot Studio.

    You need software that works anywhere, and works no matter what changes happen in SEO.

    A simple but powerful design makes UBot Studio the most useful automation tool for internet marketers. NO other automation solution works EVERYWHERE (with incredible features like UBot Studio's Image Recognition). No other software lets you compile and distribute or SELL your brilliant ideas. No other tool combines the research capabilities of a scraper, the backlinking potential of a mass submitter, and the easy-to-use features of macro-building software.

    Don't pay others to do the work when you can build your OWN specialized web marketing software instead.. and make the money back from the purchase in just a few days!

    Buy today and have a working autopilot bot in just a few hours! User-Friendly interface lets ANYONE become an A+ Marketer.

    Here the link:
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    are you trying to get referals?

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    Oh, He must make like 25 bucks or whatever when someone buys it
    for 245 dollars -_-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Afitz200 View Post
    Oh, He must make like 25 bucks or whatever when someone buys it
    for 245 dollars -_-

    Yes if anyone buy it(under my refelear link), i earn a little % of all.
    Well you can make bot with that and sell them, i have see people sell bot each 30$-40$, is a great program.
    And i will buy it in few days

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    I Like this program but 245 $ so much :S

    At the first you will fail, try over and over you will get you'r point.

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    I Make my bot's with that, for all user thinking i have a pirated version.. i have buy it


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