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Thread: Middle Man Service

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    Middle Man Service

    Middle Man Service

    Ever wanted to trade/buy something but was afraid of getting scammed? With the middle man service you no longer have to be afraid of getting scammed. How it works? It works by the seller contacts the middle man and gives the middle man the product. The middle man checks the product. If it works correctly, or "as advertised" we get the buyers money or item he/her is using to pay, and once we confirm the buyers payment then we send the products on their way to the buyer and seller.

    Who are the Middle Men?:
    Youyoyo27 - Skype:youyoyo27
    Darragh - Skype:izisdarragh118

    If you are a mod+ and want to join just add me on Skype.
    Also remember we have lives and may not always be on. So don't be impatient wait your turn, we don't get paid to do this this is just a voluntary service. Happy shopping!

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    Why you didn't add me?

    At the first you will fail, try over and over you will get you'r point.

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    We need a middleman tag
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    Yeah, I could like get HEAD MIDDLEMAN!


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