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Thread: Why Wigleg Stealer was canceled. (Generally Wigleg type explaining thingy.. I dunno)

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    Why Wigleg Stealer was canceled. (Generally Wigleg type explaining thingy.. I dunno)

    Hello forum.

    Today I want to talk about Wigleg Stealer, and why it was canceled, the story its self is very interesting, And I found it quite the joy to listen too!
    This thread should also clear up any rumors surrounding the entire event, But first lets explain my relation ships with the guy.

    I know the guy personally in real life, I see him nearly every day, and we talk very often. Before the event happened, Wigleg was considering Retirement, as he
    believes that everything will go invalid pretty soon, and he's wasting his time, this is one of the main reasons why Wigleg Stealer did not have Any protection, as was just a "2 day" job,
    while the other one took much longer, Wigleg explained how he only made the new Keystealer "For sky-daddy" and didn't actually intend to work on it.

    So.. That's stuff you probably all ready know, After Wigleg Stealer was shut down... for good. He started "Dark Universe", which may I add died after 4 days.. Oh well. After that he just went
    into retirement, I've not seen that guy in a while now.

    There is a big myth going around about him, Some say he got put in jail, Some say he now works for valve! What ever the case, This probably been the most dramatic thing I've seen in a while.
    Also, Please don't complain how shit Wigleg Stealer is, Wigleg knows this....
    Anyway, I hope this cleared up some information!

    The Redeemer

    (If you want any more details about him please ask!

    Age/name/details you know XD
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    Interested story, when you know more details, please put

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    Seems interesting :/
    Wigleg seemed cool. I wanted to add him on skype talk and stuff ... Never got around to it :/
    Thanks for the story tho :/
    Could u PM me his skype? Maybe we can still talk

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    I thought he was dead? Or was that some other cry for attention?

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    he tell me, had a cancer, but now he dont have anymore

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    Im pretty sure i saw a skype message saying Wigleg stealer was back, but idk if i remember correctly.

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    Who cares, Wigleg is a major faggot.

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    [4/24/2013 10:08:03 AM] Wigleg l Is ALIVE!: Hello!

    Wigleg Stealer is open again.

    Im not protecting him im just stating it.


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