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Thread: Bug In SSH VIP Keystealer *Paid*

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    Bug In SSH VIP Keystealer *Paid*

    I just bought this keystealer 2 days ago and only got 2 keys so far, but when I try to attempt to "clear list" the database doesn't register and clear the list. So I still have the 2 keys and I really don't know If I'm getting more keys..
    I don't know if this is just a bug with my account or if its with everyone who has SSH..

    I tried to talk to Sky Daddy but hes always on DND and never gets back to me.

    Just been looking for a nice keystealer with full fud and a nice template and design.. (Trusted too)
    ^ If there are any keystealers that have these nice features feel free to post on this thread..

    Also usually how many downloads can get you 1 key?

    Skype: Deathshot114
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    My keystealer will have a nice desing and all that jazz contact me on my skype : misterharr1

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