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Thread: Free Programming courses, many more courses avaliable

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    Free Programming courses, many more courses avaliable

    Hey guys i recently found this online university that's been helping me quite a bit, its called Udacity
    Basically its just to outline you college degree but it can really help anybody looking to learn.

    they offer various courses to do with programming such as:

    -An introduction to computer science
    -Web Development
    -Game development
    -Java Programming
    -Software testing
    -Software debugging
    -Help with Programming languages
    -Building 3D Graphics
    -Intro to parallel programming
    -Intro to theoretical computer sciences
    -Design of computer programs
    -Cryptography and a lot more

    So guys go check this out its a really nice way to learn with interactive lessons that don't feel like lectures, students and teachers go at the same pace and you can always rewind a bit if you didn't catch something
    Hope u guys enjoy it, here is the link:

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    not allowed to put outside links but ok.

    At the first you will fail, try over and over you will get you'r point.

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    How should I do it then? I thought that rule meant I have to use the link option sorry

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    Thanks man will check it out

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