These rules apply for every marketplace on SSH
Disclaimer! Just because a rule is not posted does not mean the staff cannot enforce it! If we feel for any reason whatsoever we need to remove/censor your post we will! Also please note that administartion on safe sky hacks reserves the right to edit / change the rules at any point in time and it is up to you to read them!
  • This section is for Selling/Buying/Trading only.
  • You are allowed to use autobuy.
  • You may not hijack others threads by posting "My keys are cheaper, buy mine" and other things like that.
  • You may only bump your thread every 24 hours.
  • Free services wont belong in the marketplace.
  • You may sell various things such as softwares, keys and accounts.
  • You may not sell Bypasses.
  • Do not post on people threads calling them a scammer or flaming without proof you can submit this proof in Scammer Section.
  • If you're going to do raffles, giveaways for DayZ they go in the DayZ Releases.
  • When Talking Of Other Hack Sites use their Abbreviations [ VA,TM,AJ etc. ]
  • Posting Keystealers Get's you permanently banned
  • Impersonation of a middle man can get you permanently banned
  • To be able to Buy/Sell/Trade you must have 20 Posts