Hey guys, i just wanna let you know that hacking on Bf3 is really risky!
PunkBuster (PB) on Bf3/MOHW and other EA games is a real pain in the ass. bans everything without a bypass in no time.
And even with bypass you can get banned pretty fast!
I have been banned 3 Times by Punkbuster... and the last time i used a little wallhack a stuff for a small mach and 3 Months later i just got banned!!! 3 dam MONTHS! And yes i had a good bypass (aimjunkes), but after 3 months? everything you do is stuck in there system
So even if you hack just a little you are risking a ban. just a small mach. 5 min is enough.

Thanks for reading its for your own safety.

- NorthyPark