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Thread: How to play videos through Arma2 OA/ DayZ

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    How to play videos through Arma2 OA/ DayZ

    This is how to make videos play on your GPS
    This plays for you only!

    This gets a little complicated on converting but otherwise is very simple.

    What you will need.
    A video
    A Converter (I use mirovideoconverter. Google it.)

    Put your video into your converter

    If using micro video converter
    1. Drag video or browse for it
    2. Click Format
    3. Ogg Theora

    Convert the video.
    It should converty to a .ogv file
    Place this somewhere in the arma 2 oa directory

    Next step.
    Create a script.
    Using this code:
    _videoScript = ["path\video.ogv",1.04] spawn bis_fnc_customGPSvideo;
    This will play it through the GPS

    Here is a youtube video, Not made by me

    Thanks to Shadowyfaze for giving me help on this
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    :/ Thanks for not giving me credit <3

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    I got my music to play

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    I'll be adding this to my ArmA 3 Menu :O



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