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Thread: Dayz Bypass

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    Dayz Bypass

    Does anyone know where to purchase a working Bypass from? VA is down for an unknown time, and I think AJ isn't that good, but if that's the only option available than I guess that it.

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    This forum will soon release it's own bypass. VIPs will get it I think.

    Your other try could be VG when it's up again (Soon as I know from peeps that work there).

    If you can't wait, then add me on skype: fewii.seller
    I do GFXs, hacks, viruses to troll or fu** up people, and keyloggers. I also offer Cheap DDOS services.
    Also selling custom coded dayz hack menus with no bypass, Android RATs and such, and more. HMU if I don't offer it I know someone who does!
    For more infos, add me on skype: fewii.seller

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    I'm %99 sure that VA is working for the newest battleye update, Optix usually delivers.

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    I have a working bypass > : D
    However its 5 dollars > : D
    Cheap, Secure, Reliable Web Hosting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Afitz200 View Post
    I have a working bypass > : D
    However its 5 dollars > : D

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    VA's bypass is back up and working.

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    VA is back up I believe?

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    I think the only good bypass is currently VA.

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    lol that moment when you realise that you said aj bypass is bad but you still use the bypass that is coded by the aj coder aka - optix


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