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Thread: SSH Booter v1.0 and SSH Booter Lite

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    SSH Booter v1.0 and SSH Booter Lite

    Price: $30
    Buy Now:

    ~Download & Execute commands
    ~On-Connect commands
    ~Speedtest (To test your slaves booting power)
    ~Stub on Startup
    ~5 Powerful DDos Commands
    ~Spreading Logs

    Features to be added in v2:
    ~BTC/LTC Miner
    ~Built-in Crypter

    V.I.P's get SSH Booter Lite Free!!!

    SSH Booter Lite
    ~Powerful SYN DDos
    ~Stub on Startup
    ~Download & Execute Commands
    ~Affordable Price
    Price: $10

    Terms of Service
    By buying SSH Booter you agree that:
    This program is for educational purposes only!
    You will not use it for malicious activity.
    All sales are final and no refunds will be given out.
    Failure to do so will result in a revocation of your license and you account terminated without refund.

    Wear this Sig on all forums to support SSH Booter!!!
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    I can vouch for this, used it since it was released and this is perfect to take out annoying little *****'s homeconnections : D

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    Ive built the file and everything, gotten it onto slave pc and ran it, what now?? nothing happened

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    I was in the beta testing for this and I must say it is a amazing booter, this is a must buy!


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