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About Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a free-to-play game released by EA back in November 2015 for Android and iOS. Developed by Capital Games as a turn-based Role Playing Game set in the Star Wars universe, the game gives players a chance to collect their favourite Star Wars characters from all eras and pit them against each other, building squads and crafting strategies to take down increasing difficulties of enemies. Iconic locations are abundant in your quest to become the most legendary hologamer in the galaxy.

The gameplay has a depth to it not always found in turn-based mobile games. On beginning the game, the player meets the Cantina Keeper who is separated from you by the holotable, the arena used for the game’s combat. An unfriendly Hutt slides past, and the introduction becomes a helpful tutorial. With the many menus and options in the game that could prove overwhelming without an explanation, the tutorial is welcome.

A playable walkthrough commences after you are given two cards, showing the player how to use basic attacks and special abilities in battle. The player’s first boss battle begins, where the Cantina Keeper introduces tactics and proving that Galaxy of Heroes is not a button basher. Upon winning this battle, the player has enough crystals to buy their first Chromium Data Card, allowing them to acquire new characters to add to their Squad. The Keeper then talks the player through the Daily Activities and their rewards, and the player starts the next battle where they are left to their own devices. The tutorial is a short and efficient way of introducing the player to the basics of leveling up, battle, and tactics, and is enough for the player to go ahead alone after it finishes.

When characters are acquired, it becomes clear that there is a level of depth in them. The screen shows the player the character, their Star Rating, their Power and a summary of their strengths, and their locked and unlocked attacks and abilities. Their level is also shown and the XP needed before they level up. The focus is on making your characters stronger as you progress through the game, but there are also upgrades that can be attached. You earn training droids as you progress through the game, spending them with one of the in-game currencies to raise your characters’ power. Each character has a star rating out of seven, and those characters with seven stars are the most powerful. Those with fewer stars will need to upgraded or swapped as the player progresses through the campaign.

In battle, the player chooses the move they want their character or hero to use, and they need to think about whom they are attacking – some characters can attract all the enemies’ attacks with a War Cry; others can heal their allies with their special ability. If these characters are on the opposing team, they will need to be taken out first to ensure victory. The player also needs to think about when special abilities are used, as they have a cooling period. Battle is, as mentioned above, not a button masher. There is a level of strategy needed to progress further through the campaign, and certainly in P2P modes later in the game.

Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses, special abilities and synergies. There are 68 synergies in all, and these allow an extra level of customisability when selecting the Squad. Additionally, the player will want to make sure that all of their characters do not have the same type of special ability. Having a range of abilities (Attack all enemies/Heal all allies) would be a good idea, allowing a variety of options in the harder battles. There are characters that will work well together, and other Squads that do not quite fit, and finding out what works and what doesn’t is a great incentive for playing on.

There is a level of longevity to the game also. Shipments are unlocked at Level 7, the Squad arena at Level 8, Dark Side battles at Level 12, and Squad Cantina battles at Level 28. There are 345 stars available in light side battles alone (3 per battle), and each battle can be replayed on Hard Mode once the level has been cleared to get shards that can strengthen your characters. These things all give the player the incentive to play on and replay, important in any game. With free Crystals and Credits the game will stay fun for free, there will be no need to spend real money if you use the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats.

In terms of the links with the Star Wars Universe, the game immediately feels like a Star Wars game. This is good news for any fan, with the Cantina and characters being instantly recognizable, along with the music and animations going on in the background. Iconic locations are abundant in the game, with each battle taking place in well animated Star Wars locations. Within the first three battles, the player will go from fighting Separatist forces on Kashyyk to battling Snowtroopers within the Echo Base on Hoth. Other locations that combat commences on later in the game include the desert planet of Tatooine, the gas giant Bespin, and Coruscant, the lively capital of the galaxy.

There are over 70 characters in Galaxy of Heroes, some of them having not been seen (or at least playable) in Star Wars games before. There are now characters from the new film, The Force Awakens, but the roster also includes characters from the original trilogy and the prequel films alongside characters from The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, with each character having their own personal attacks and abilities. Seeing such players as Barriss Offee from Rebels and Ahsoka Tano from The Clone Wars will delight diehard fans of the series.

Though Star Wars Heroes of the Galaxy is a free-to-play game, it is difficult to acquire the better characters if the player is not willing to spend some of their own money. (Or mod the game with our Cheat.) The alternative to this is grinding. Some of the game’s characters can be unlocked by playing the multiplayer mode, while some can be obtained randomly by buying card packs. Some characters appear when you have a certain amount of shards or level up your Player Profile. The in-game store allows you to pay for crystals to spend on data cards, thus acquiring new characters for your Squad. You can get 15,710 crystals delivered straight to your account for a rather hefty fee, which would catapult your progression in the game. However, this would make the earlier levels boring and slightly redundant. It is an option though for lovers of the game, and there are cheaper options for fewer crystals for when the player needs a small fund boost. Spending the game’s rewards through victory along with a little of the player’s own cash to upgrade their Squad may have been EA’s idea in making the game free to download. Of course, using the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats you’ll never have to worry about buying any Crystals (again).

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a turn-based RPG set in the Star Wars universe that offers fans a chance to build a squad of their favourite characters and battle them across some of the most recognizable locations in the galaxy. There is a level of depth to its enjoyable turn-based battle and character customization, and is certainly worth playing if you are familiar with the universe and use the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Hack.