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How to Spirit Orbs for Bleach Brave Souls

How to Spirit Orbs for Bleach Brave Souls
Bleach Brave Souls: How To Get A Ton of Spirit Orbs
Unlimited Spirit Orbs will greatly improve your chances on summoning 5 star characters like Ichigo (Vizard), in ition to 5* ranked figures. They are probably the most powerful characters in game that one could premium summon with super great stats.Use Spirit Orbs to character slots and more.

Spirit Orbs

Each character has its own unique Soul Tree. The higher the rarity of your character, the more stuff you can unlock from your Soul Tree. Youíll need to collect a set amount of Crystals to unlock the relevant Soul Tree. Alternatively, you can use Gems (Spirit Orbs) to unlock the Soul Tree. By utilizing our cheat, it is possible to Limitless Spirit Orbs instantly for your Bleach Brave Souls Account and wonít have to pay money to get itional.

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Gacha Ranking

The following rankings are based on a few Japanese guide sites. Take note that the table compares all the 5* characters that can be summoned currently in the Global server. Some of the skill descriptions and link skills are not properly written as I currently do not have all the 5* characters on account.

SS Rank

Character Attribute Special
Aizen Mind AOE damage
Byakuya Heart Full Screen AOE
Yamamoto Power
Grimmjow Speed
Ichigo (Vizard) Power

S Rank

Character Attribute
Ichigo Power
Retsu Tech
Mayuri Tech
Uryu Mind
Tosen Speed
Shinji Heart
Hiyori Power
Hachigen Mind
White Ichigo Tech
Ikkaku Power
Orihime Mind
Uryu Tech
Chad Power

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Spirit Orbs