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Thread: [Tutorial] How to play videos Through DayZ

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    [Tutorial] How to play videos Through DayZ

    This is for those of you who want to make awesome scripts!
    This is local So basically only you will be able to see this.

    This is a Very Simple Tutorial But can be Complicated

    What you will need.
    A video
    A Converter (I use video2mp3. Google it.)

    Put the video you selected into the converter

    If using micro video converter
    1. Drag video or browse for it
    2. Click Format
    3. Ogg Theora

    Convert the video.
    It should converty to a .ogv file
    Place this somewhere in the arma 2 oa directory

    Next step.
    Create a script.
    This will play it through the GPS
    _videoScript = ["path\video.ogv",1.04] spawn bis_fnc_customGPSvideo;
    Credits: ImFazed ( For this Tutorial )

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    Thanks for sharing darrahg!

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    Epic simply just epic!
    I am a faggot

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    Love this one lol! Would be nice if you could play it all over the server but I think it would be bad in some way... BUT WOULD BE EPIC TROLLING LOL!!!!

    Nice one thanks.
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