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Thread: Coding a Custom Menu .hpp / Rsc

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    Coding a Custom Menu .hpp / Rsc

    Custom User Interface

    I'm working with Jurugi ( VG coder ) to develop a way to inject custom class files into arma.

    This is the custom class file I've coded and plan to inject.

    Any feedback on what to add/remove/change would be appriciated.
    Remember, this is not a .sqf, but a .hpp file. So many things are possible ( with user interface shit )

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    Looks nice.
    But can you please explain more what a .hpp is and what can we do with it in Arma

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrSohail View Post
    Looks nice.
    But can you please explain more what a .hpp is and what can we do with it in Arma
    Header file written in the C++ programming language; may contain data types, constants, and variables; can be inserted into a .CPP source code file using the #include directive; used for storing reusable components of code.

    C++ header files are more often seen with the .H extension, which is also used as the default extension for header files for the C programming language.

    Stole from some dictionary website

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    .hpp = what is called when you do createDialog;

    for example

    CreateDialog "rscConfig_EditorMain";

    refers to a .hpp somewhere ingame that says

    class rscConfig_EditorMain : rscStandardDisplay {
    code code defining code


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