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Thread: SSH DayZ Downloader Tool v1

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    SSH DayZ Downloader Tool v1

    I overhauled Venom's project and made my own. Downloads any dayz menu you put in.

    Works the same way as venom's, enter the code, hit download and it's on your desktop.


    Menus included:
    rustleSTAR (infistar v7, less lag, rustler scripts, but it's 13MB so... yeah. lol)
    Rustler v4 (leaked)
    ShadowyFaze's NONRE menu
    Flameshocker's Psycho v1 & Flame edit v3

    Virus scans:

    Screenshots: Can't get them atm. Will update with some in like 5 minutes

    DOWNLOAD: Will re-upload after edit.

    *NOTE TO WINDOWS 8 USERS* THIS WILL NOT WORK FOR YOU - I'M CURRENTLY WORKING ON THAT. Although, you shouldn't be using windows 8. Jk :P
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    Screenies, Virus scanns :P

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    almost forgot
    getting those now

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    Okay. Fully updated with screenies and virus scans.

    #100th post

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    I see no screenies

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    yeah same but this sounds really cool, thanks

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    hahaha thx for adding my menu in
    You Will 1 Day Rule The World

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    Epik Dude good job on the downloader

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    This is a pretty useful tool, nice release. Once I get my bypass again, I'll check this out. :P

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    This is awesome! Thanks for adding in my menu.

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