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Thread: UnDDoSable / Unresolvable / Best VPN Alternative

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    UnDDoSable / Unresolvable / Best VPN Alternative

    Well what you are going to read in this tutorial is a bunch of things.

    If you just want your Skype to be unresolvable you can use it for that, or if you want complete privacy you can target any program (almost like a VPN)

    Although this is method isn't as fast as a VPN, you can still target all programs, or just select ones. Plus its even more anonymous than a regular proxy (it uses Tor)
    Because of this, I actually prefer it to my VPN (most times)

    There's also other uses for Proxifier, which I will make another tutorial for that.

    So here is a list of things you will need and their download links (allowed -
    Proxifier - (Serial key use to register KFZUS-F3JGV-T95Y7-BXGAS-5NHHP)
    Tor Expert Bundle -
    QWHT (Quick Windows Hiding Tool) - (Optional - If you want to hide Tor console)

    Step 1 - Tor:
    Just download it, install, and run.
    Should be self explanatory, it will look like a normal console window.
    Also, make sure you have internet access, or Tor will not be able to link up with the Tor Network

    Step 2 - Configuring Proxifier:
    After downloading and installing, and optionally registering with provided serial key, add a new Proxy Server
    A server with localhost or as the address, and 9050 as the port (aka the Tor port)
    Make sure you select SOCKS Version 5 and you can feel free to test it with the Check button before pressing OK twice

    Now you'll want to make some new rules to redirect connections through Tor
    For this to work, you need a rule that redirects hosts localhost;; %ComputerName% to Direct
    Then you can redirect any (or specific programs) through Tor just by adding a rule for it, and setting the Action to the Proxy SOCKS5 that you made a minute ago.


    In the setup you see here, any connections made through Skype, Firefox, or Chrome will be sent through Tor. Everything else will be done directly (or through your VPN if it's turned on)
    Your rules can easily be turned off just by unchecking them and pressing OK

    Now you may have to restart Skype, but when someone resolves your IP they will see a Tor exit node (ex.
    If they try to DDoS it, all the traffic will just be redirected to another node, and you will remain online

    Also Tor is known for its anonymity, so try not to have too much fun

    Step 3 - Hiding Tor console using QWHT
    After downloading and running, just right click the Tray icon > Hide Window > Tor.exe

    I hope this helps

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    Impressive how no body has thanked you for this Tutorial, very well written tutorial and this might help some guys stay more Anonymous.

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    Looks impressive, well written and good use of pictures, good job.


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    good explain with rep + "_


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