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Thread: Counter Strike: Global Offensive - Universal Recoil Reducer v2.0

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    Counter Strike: Global Offensive - Universal Recoil Reducer v2.0

    Copyright 2012 63OR63
    Universal Recoil Reducer is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
    Universal Recoil Reducer is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

    Universal Recoil Reducer is an Autohotkey script that reduce recoil by pulling the xhair down in any game. It has multifunctional GUI and can be easily controlled right from the game by several hotkeys.
    Note: VAC status of Universal Recoil Reducer is undetected and it will never change, because it doesn't read/write game memory, inject dll etc.

    Improvements over version 1.0:
    1. Added convenient and multi-functional startup GUI
    2. Added sensitivity modifier (accessible from GUI)
    3. Added autodetection of sensitivity (CS and CSS need Steam login determination or manual configuration file selection)
    4. Added detection of sensitivity from drag'n'dropped configuration file
    5. Added permanent settings storage at system registry at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\63OR63\Universal Recoil Reducer
    6. Added presets with tested values for CS, CS:S and CS:GO (accesible from GUI)
    7. Improved norecoil algorithm
    8. Improved heavy and light presets
    9. Improved hotkeys
    10. Minor bug fixes and code optimizing.

    There are three variables which influence the behaviour of recoil reduction process:
    1. Strengh - the ammount of pixels the cursor is being pulled down each cicle. It varies from 1 to 20 pixels. Press Numpad+ or Numpad- to increase or reduce it respectively.
    2. Duration - the period of time in milliseconds the cursor is being pulled down during one spray. It can vary from 200 to 10000 milliseconds. Press PageUp to increase it or PageDown to reduce.
    3. The senstivity setting in game. It's important to synchronize the ingame value (you can see or change it by typing "sensitivity" without commas in game console) with the Universal Recoil Reducer via its GUI. Available values are rescticted between 0 and 10. Notice that the sensitivity settings in Windows and mouse drivers don't come in account while using mouse_event function, which is the base of this script.

    Now you know, how it all work. To enable/disable recoil reduction after the script was run press Numpad*. Also, there are two ready presets for using with either heavy (light machine guns and AK47) or light guns (submachine guns, M4 etc.). Home is for heavy guns and End is for light ones. Notice that presets' settings differ according to the game preset you selected in startup GUI.

    The script is supplied with single-shot trigger protection, so it will start to do its job after 150 milliseconds of pressing down the left mouse button. However, you should know, that this feature makes using Universal Recoil Reducer impossible while any RapidFire script is running. A temporary workaround is to disable single-shot trigger protection by pressing Numpad/, but it will mess timings and presets a bit.

    There are small tips which will pop-up in top left corner when you press the hotkey, there you'll find the actual information about current settings. The tips can't overlay D3D app, so the are visible only in windowed or windowed fullscreen mode (set this in your game video settings).

    1. Start the game
    2. Run NoRecoil.exe or NoRecoil.ahk if you have Autohotkey installed
    3. You are ready to play.

    Ingame hotkeys:
    ON/OFF: Numpad*
    Single-shot trigger protection ON/OFF: Numpad/
    Strength up: Numpad+
    Strength down: Numpad-
    Duration up: PageUp
    Duration down: PageDown
    Heavy gun: Home
    Light gun: End

    Startup GUI:

    Virus Scan
    Jotti Virus Scanner - Scan
    Virus Total - Scan

    Again this is not mine, I'm only re-uploading this here.
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    very good my friend i nice lets play someimtes soon ;O

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    ^^ Yup, thought I wasn't allowed to mention the forum name, so I didn't.


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