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Thread: i need help with DayZ.ST

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    i need help with DayZ.ST

    i need help with DayZ.ST i'm trying to find the location of the new server.cfg sense they changed it so if anyone knows please PM me it and the server.cfg file is where DayZ holds the Rcon pass and such anyways if anyone could help that would be great
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    Maybe provide us screenshots on your problem and how the folder looks like so we know what we're dealing with, cause I've never dealt with before. :P

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    Dont provide a print screen of your backpanel logged in! dont scramble the passes, and wil come up in your url

    Just a warning

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    I dont use that often but if you give me some time and explain you're problem more in detail then i can help

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    okay well can someone add me on skype that owns DayZ.ST because i need someone who owns it and knows how it works because anyone who does not own it would have no idea

    so what i need is someone to show me via share screen inside the battleye folder and thats all

    skype is: jason.lambertos1

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    I have a server. but I'm not screen sharing and I suggest you don't either Once screen sharing starts he can see all your passwords and stuff on the main control panel, ftp passwords rcon passwords control panel passwords. I seriously suggest you do not do this. Given the untrustworthiness of some of the people here with recent events, I'd rather not put my trust in someone who might not be trustworthy. They could seriously wreck your stuff.


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