Do you want to get Clash Royale free gems ? If you have played this RTS game, you may have known that getting free gems is hard work you need to do when you want to face the higher level with ease. We all know that Clash Royale has the same characteristic with Clash of Clans, but the way to get gems is pretty different. Gems are important for those who play this game as it can enhance their weapon and many things in their account including the power of their troops. Clash Royale actually give many ways to get gems, but the steps are just too long, and that is why many players gave up, and then they find the shortcut. Then, they find how to get Clash Royale free gems and then they will boost their everything for free. Many people recommend to have WHAFF, but it also takes a long time to get the free gems as there are some steps to do before buying gems with WHAFF reward like Google Wallet. They need to do many steps, and then they can get the free gems from WHAFF. Here are the ways to get free gems without using WHAFF.
How to cheat clash royale.

When you have skipped or done training camp, you can directly to watch the replay your battle and see the achievements you want. You can watch in TV Royale. Choose one of the lists in the playlist and make sure that you have watched the replay until the video ends. You will get the achievements at least 3 gems in your account.

The third you have to do to get free gems without WHAFF is by unlocking the silver chest. There are 4 chest slots you can fill when you have won the battle. If you only get one crown, then you will get one silver chest, and you have to unlock it to get the free gems. Inside silver chest, you will get resource card with 2 free gems similar to the picture shown in the display.

Another way to get free gems without WHAFF is by joining the clan, and you will connect to the global or local clan. Find the opened clan and join there. Yu will get the 100 free gems once you have joined to one of the Clans. The free gems you get after joining a clan can be used to enhance your troops, and you may wonder what you get after it.