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Thread: SSH Rat/Booter Tutorial

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    Post SSH Rat/Booter Tutorial

    How to use the booter/Rat you bought!
    Buy it here:

    First, start "SSH R.A.T", create account and confirm email (may be in spam as it was for me) then redeem serial that was given to you.

    Now continue and it should auto-update and give you the change-log, then click R.A.T

    Now that the program is ready we will port forward, first go to your favorite browser (I use chrome but it doesn't matter) and type what your routers ip is, they are usually or or

    A dialog box should appear, use your wifi's admin login (Default is usually Pass:admin User:_____ or admin for both) now navigate to the "Advanced" tab or "Applications and gaming" tab

    Now we are going to open a UDP and TCP port, some routers only allow UDP port or TCP at one time so add two entry's one with TCP and one with UDP. I chose 1337 as my port of choice and to make this easy you should too. Name does not matter.

    Some routers require a local ip, mine is .44 as you can see in the image above, to get this open run by Windows button+R and typing "cmd"

    Now the command prompt should open and you should type "ipconfig" then press enter, look at the "IPv4" one, that is your local address that you enter.

    Now you are port forwarded! We now set up No-IP, go to and an create account, while creating it will ask for host site ULR just put your username. Login and in the top right click Host/redirects.

    go down to download client and download it, and set it up! (yours should show X's)

    Click edit hosts and select "your username" and save.

    Now all should show checks and if not hit "Refresh". Now go back to the RAT and go to "builder"
    (mine's filled in)

    Fill it in with the appropriate info., Mutex- any number Installed name- WinDir Registry name- Windir service and the DNS should be the ip from the NO-IP client "", and port should be "1337" Use icon- up to you

    Build it and give to random people! If people connect is will look like this:

    Always go to RAT then "config" then reset port listener!

    If you have any questions just comment or pm an admin or super-mod!
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    i bought the sshbooter but i dont know how to set it up and i have [email protected] and i know what to do but the options you have i dont have =(

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    Is the file easily detected by antivirus and such?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lulzzor View Post
    Is the file easily detected by antivirus and such?

    No, not at all!

    Anti virus may think its a virus but it is not. Everytime I have tested it, never a problem!

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    and I can sort out deals with you!

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