What makes you sad when you have no strong deck to use when you are in a battle ? In Clash Royale, you really need a good deck to win a battle. You also need that to ensure that you will get the further mission after it. One of the best ways to open the deck is to open Golden Chest or Magical Chest to ensure that you will get strong cards to win the battle. Sadly, you cannot open easily as you need gems to open that. You can get gems from many ways. You can get by winning the battle, but you may only get little gems. You can also do hacking, but there is a risk to get banned from SuperCell. That will be bad news for you when you get a suspension from the main server. While you want to get gems to enhance your level, but you cannot play because of suspension. That is why you have to legally like using WHAFF to get free gems by buying it with google wallet. Not all people can do a review for WHAFF because there are many things to prepare to be able to get massive earning from WHAFF like the good phone as you need to install many apps. There is a better way than WHAFF. You can go with the achievements available to open, and you will get the free gems. What are they ? Clash Royale Hack Deutsch.

Achievements for joining clan

If you want to enhance your battle skill, you may need to join a clan. You may not be able to join in all of the Clans, or you may not be able to join the best clan, but you can join to the opened Clans. There are many Clans you can join whether it is from local or international or global. You can join in any clan as long as they are available and ready to guide you to finish the mission. Once you have joined to a clan, you will get 100 gems to enhance your deck.


The second thing you can do to get Clash Royale free gems is to watch TV Royale. You can watch any video, but the better one is to watch your battle video. You can get the replay of battle so you can learn many things from them.

Unlock Silver Chest

There are four silver chest slots, and when you can win the battle, you will get one crown. The crown can unlock the silver chest, and you can get two free gems from that chest.