Sell RMS BOX 3.0.1

Program description:
Now create an Assembly RMS turned into a game, delighting the eye pleasant and fascinating design of the program, the author shares created exclusively for themselves the software, solely for informational purposes. Remember that at the moment, all responsibility for the use of this program is for You. It is recommended that after reviewing the program, to remove it.
The functionality of the program:
+ Built-in protector, Cryptor, mutation is not unique (F 0/35); NEW
+ Select startup without the usual startup or invisible;
+ Logging of work Yes/no;
+ Hidden files and folders Yes/no;
+ Banner video monitoring on/off;
+ Reinstall server at startup Yes/no;
+ Alert by EMail Yes/no;
+ Tray icon Yes/no;
+ Select any installation path; NEW
+ Technocally Viewer;
+ Select the build icon ( + bonus 200 icons);
+ Change the name of the process rutserv.exe and rfusclient.exe on any (+ random generation); NEW
+ Display additional informational messages;
+ Use of Downloader (for 2 files *.EXE from) ;
+ Built-in WordExploit analogue Word Downloader (only for old office);
+ Both local and remote wipe traces of the program;
+ Save and Load all settings for ease in the future;
+ Check updates and program updates (free of charge);
+ Wrapper RDP + RDP ROOT (make a dedicated server from PC);
+ Change all variants of the description of the server process (+ random generation); NEW
+ Change the branch of the registry under the folder of the registry;
+ Setting the password for the archive server Yes/no ;
+ Select any password to connect to the server six options; NEW
+ Don't kill the process Yes/no; NEW
+ Bypass UAC Yes/no;
+ Run as administrator Yes/no; NEW
+ Any long process name; NEW
+ Change the description and name of service on server; NEW
+ 4 options bypass bypass UAC and run as administrator; NEW
+ - Erase Yes/no;
+ Run any file on the PC before starting the server;
+ Select the extension build (exe, scr, cmd, bat, vbs, pif);
+ Check for established RMS.
+ Tooltips on each element of the program;
+ With the start of the server is disabled Yes/no:
Fully firewall;
The overall profile of the firewall;
Private firewall profile;
The domain firewall profile;
Windows automatic update;
A pop-up notification in the system tray of Windows;
UAC Windows;
Windows Defender;
+ Server compression and internal UPX files:
10 degrees of compression;
compress both together and separately rutserv.exe and rfusclient.exe;
Force grip (Force);
Compression of exports;
Compressing resources (All except 1st folder besides 1st icon);

Also added additional modules:
+ Private Stealer - removes passwords from all browsers + cookie + screen desktop + txt files from the desktop + UPX compression + - Erase (FUD 1/35); NEW
+ Private Keylogger - automatic recognition of any language - Rus/eng/Ukr or characters (FUD1/35); NEW
+ Private Binder/Joiner - unlimited number of files (opredeljaemost build antivirus 1/35); NEW
+ Added module of the withdrawal of all id with the mail and sorting them by id/pass; NEW
+ Added module add the id of the songwriter in VIEWER; NEW
+ Private Keylogger.

0.02 btc

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