Hi, there I am Sarah emi Burj, A professional Web Designers, and Developer from Dubai, UAE. I have been working for a Web Designing Company in UAE since 2012. Since I am an experienced professional, many factors lead me to this designation that includes passion, devotion, dedication, and keep learning. While learning I used to learn from every side or source of knowledge to enhance my knowledge and to keep it up to date. Today I am going to share some of the best learning platforms for the web designing and web development from the beginnerís level to the advance and prestige performance. So if you are worried about how to start it on the basis of your own, donít be worry because these learning platforms are a guaranteed source of knowledge and skills for the beginners and once you are dedicated to your learning, you may sure be getting good opportunities to learn and earn.
So here are they:

Code Academy:
From HTML to Java, itís the best platform for the beginners because code Academy focuses on the practical learning and start teaching in a self-drive method.

Khan Academy:
It is extremely useful in all aspects. Its language is also a user-friendly and anyone can easily understand its lectures and demonstrations.

MIT Open Courseware:
Want to learn to code from the best IT institute in the World, yes here is your chance to grab a challenging opportunity to learn entire web design and development from Massachusetts Institute of technology.