We are glad to offer you services BP hosting.

Our services:
- Hosting;
- VPS / VDS;
- Dedicated server;
- FastFlux (not bots) are open all ports, no problem with ssl, support .bit domains;
- Domain registration;
- Administration of servers;

Only here:
- Own DC, with a server / VPS give access to reboot panel. KVM on request.
- Implemented a unique system that is not on the market. FastFlux with very complex logic, FastFlux on nodes, not bots, no packets loss and the failure of the speed. Always available to your project. You do not lose your traffic and logs respectively;
- Implemented functionality of generating self-signature certificates on fly. You can upload your static SSL certificates, or use auto-generation.
- In statistics only your bots IP.
- Free basic setup of servers for your purposes;
- Always available pure IP;
- Servers and VPS with instant activation.
- support .bit domains.
- not die DNS.

Our service is for serious people who need the stability and availability of the server for years!
You will forget about the problem with hosting!

Prices will pleasantly surprise you.

* Functional Panel:
1. Adding / Deleting Domain. (Without support intervention).
2. Add / Deleting DNS. (Without support intervention).
3. Domain registration through our panel. (Without support intervention).
4. You manage your SSL certificates by yourself. (Without support intervention).
5. Any adjustments to the DNS-level domains (Without support intervention).
6. Configuring domains to any port (Without support intervention).
7. For botnet users who runs system on haproxy forwarding your config (Without support intervention).

* Price:
700$ per month for unlimited tariff.
Limited offer! When the required number of users is typed, the service will go to private.

- * Jabber:
[email protected]