--- Make Money Online With Adult Revenue Sharing ---

--- Introduction ---

In this thread i will be giving you information on the best adult affiliate network that i have encountered thus far. Some of you may know me or about me but for those that don't, i am the owner of Safeskyhacks.com(among many other sites) and i have been working entirely online for almost 7 years now. I make well over 6 figures a year doing many, many different things such as affiliate marketing, advertising(directly for businesses), CPA, Social Media Marketing, SEO, a bit of coding here and there... the list goes on and on. I am well versed in this internet thing and after a bit of a hiatus i've decided to revitalize Safeskyhacks.com. So this is just one of many new posts that you will see here. I'll mainly be posting some of the knowledge i've gained in the past 7 years about how to make money working from home.

This thread will be about a gem that i found recently called adult revenue sharing. I want to reiterate that it takes a lot for me to vouch for something as much as this as i already do very well for myself in other fields of online marketing, but never have i ever seen as much promise to make so much money so quickly as i have with adult revenue sharing. The adult affiliate network that i'll be talking about is by far the best paying and converting network that i've found and they also help you start out making money online by providing guides to working methods on gaining targeted adult traffic. It's one of the easiest and most profitable methods of being successful online.

What Is Adult Revenue Sharing?

Revenue sharing(revshare as it will hence be called) is a type of affiliate marketing that allows the affiliate to earn on every penny spent by the user they referred. So imagine that you are an affiliate with revshare and you refer Johnny to a site that sells lemons. Let's say your revshare of those lemons is 20% and Johnny buys 2 lemons for $20 dollars each(expensive lemons i know) you would have made a whole $4, not very enticing right? But what if those lemons were $100 each and Johnny buys 2-5 lemons a day for his lemonade stand and you make that 20% off him for life? Now we're talking right?

In essence revshare allows the affiliate(you) to continue earning off the people that you refer...for life! I know, i know, that's great and all but you're probably thinking "Sky, that sounds good but the catch must be that it's hard to get those people to buy. So how can i earn money with it?". Well kind sir/madame, that's where the "adult" part of adult revshare comes in.

There are quite a few types of adult rev-share out there such as cam sites, porn sites, and adult dating sites, we are going to specifically be talking about the adult dating sites as i've personally found the most success with them. The earnings you see at the top of the page are no joke and that's only after starting 2 months ago! Again i'm aware how crazy this sounds but it's incredibly easy to get conversions with this adult affiliate network and i'm sort of mad at myself for not trying it sooner. If you don't believe me i dare you to try it for just one day and seriously give it a shot. In fact you should come back here after your first day and post your earning because i am that confident anyone can do this and succeed. I recently got my friend who isn't the slightest bit tech-savy into it and he's already making a few hundred dollars a day. Just look at this shenanigans:

(I blurred out the usernames, domains, and crew names as they're irrelevant and i respect anonymity.)
That is one day! Even more crazy is its within a few hours of one damn day. It should however be noted that those amounts aren't my cut. Those are the plans that the user purchased so it's 35% of that is my actual income for the day. At the time of writing this i'm currently sitting at $495.90 for the day as my cut of the earnings.

Why Is Adult Rev Share So Profitable?

The best adult affiliate networks offer adult rev share because it's incentive to drive traffic, it's as simple as that. They want their affiliates happy and a wealthy affiliate is a happy affiliate who wants to keep making money. The adult affiliate network i'm currently working with has a great conversion rate, and the more you make the higher percentage you get which i'll elaborate on later in this thread.

Another reason why it's so profitable is because of the age we live in where online dating has tripled from just 2013 to 2015 and it's almost 2018 now so i can only imagine how many more people now use online dating. The people we as affiliates refer to our sites are already looking for what we're selling they just needed us to point them in the right direction. The adult affiliate network will handle getting the referral to start spending. Once they do you can expect a dedicated income from that referral for months at a time. My first sale is still buying about $400-800 in tokens a week 2 months later.

How Do I Start Making Money Online?

I'm glad i convinced you to give adult affiliate marketing and more specifically revshare a shot. Below will be a short walkthrough on how to get started.

First head on over to:

After getting to their landing page click either the "Affiliate Sign Up" link on the top right or the "Sign Up Now" button in the center of the page.

Scroll down until you see the signup form where it will ask the basic information any affiliate network asks.

Fill it out with REAL information else it will screw up your payments in the future.

If you have any prior experience with internet marketing or you already know how you're going to drive traffic then fill in those forms respectively else leave them blank as it won't affect your acceptance into the network.

After submitting your information you'll be told that you will be contacted within 24 hours. They're pretty quick normally though as they got to me and my friend within a few hours.

When your affiliate manager reaches out to you(either through email or Skype) he will talk to you a bit about your experience and give you a short lesson on how to start out getting traffic. I definitely suggest doing the method they provide as it can't get saturated and it can easily net you $500 a day.

Enjoy making a whole lot of money from working online!

How To Be Successful Working Online

The key to being successful online is simple, it's the sheer scalability of everything. If you find something that works scale it up 10 times, 100 times, 1000 times. One of the better known methods of gaining adult traffic is re-uploading porn video with a watermark to your money site. Why upload 10 a day when you can get a bot coded to upload 1000. If you can do it once then you can scale it up and make that much more money so you should always be asking yourself "How can i scale this up and earn even more?". Anything that is repetitive should be done by a bot if possible as long as it doesn't affect your conversion rate. Bots are a great tool and they will allow you to reinvest your time into other things such as finding new sources of traffic and figuring out how to scale the ones you have.

The next tip is to NEVER STOP LOOKING FOR NEW TRAFFIC SOURCES!!! To me this seems like common sense but i'm reminded time and time again about how few people do this and why the ones who don't inevitably fail. It's the same concept as scaling a working method, find something that works and find out what other traffic sources are similar. When you feel like you've exhausted every option for that specific source, keep looking. You will surprise yourself at how one idea for a method of gaining traffic can turn into a dozen and then it's back to scaling and automating what processes you can.

I hope you guys learned a thing or two about adult affiliate marketing and revshare. If you follow this thread and listen to your affiliate manager you will be making $100 on your first day easily. I wish you all luck on your future ventures and stay tuned for a lot more guides and methods coming to Safeskyhacks.com!