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Thread: How to use the steam bruteforcer

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    How to use the steam bruteforcer

    How to use the steam bruteforcer


    You can use the generator in the program but I don't recommend it.

    The way this program works is it uses the first username then goes through all the passwords with that one username, then next username then over and over
    If you're going to try hacking lets say your friends account use a single username and using regex in notepad ++ replace : with \n then use the whole list in the passwords section
    This program is pretty straight forward. Crack is to start cracking.

    The settings tab is again, straight foward. If you need anymore help comment here, PM me on SSH or add me on skype!

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    Thanks man, helped me

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    How do i know their username actually?
    This is actually funny, i tried it with my account, wrote my password and like 4 others, error on each one of them, even on the real...
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