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Thread: List of nice youtube bots.

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    List of nice youtube bots.

    Youtube Bots:

    These Bots work like this, Basically you run it day and night it will earn you credit/time and when you've earned enough credits you can spend them to have your videos viewed/liked/commented/etc.

    Bot #1
    Go to that link and sign up.
    Run this bot in conjunction with

    Bot #2
    Sign up for free, then go to earn free credits.
    Download the Youtube Power watching bot
    Run that program night and day to earn thousands in credits.
    Once you've saved up some go to redeem credits and purchase likes/comments/subs/etc..
    If you want a video to download and your not sure what one, Skydaddy allows you to use his.

    You can also try fiver, which works well.

    Also upload videos on these sites aswell!!!
    and any other video sites
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    I have used enhance views before but thanks xD

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    NEVERMIND! I found out what to do! lol sorry! (:
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