Name (First): Darragh
Alias (what you prefer to be called): Darragh
Age: 14
Location: United Kingdom Europe.
Time Zone: GMT +0
Hours Available On Forum: 15/16 Hours a day.
Do you have any experience with vBulletin: I have an incredible amount with different forums like Xenforo Vbulletin IPB and other.
Position Applying for: Minion/Moderator
Do you know Any Coding Languages (If so please provide source code): N/A
Have you ever edited sqf: Yes
Have you ever created your own script: N/A
Do you have a decompiler: Yes
Do you have sandbox tools: Yes and a VM
Give an example of the last time you ran a sandboxed program: Yesterday to test a program to see if it was a virus.
Do you have Skype: Yes i do.
Do you have a Microphone: Yes
Languages you Speak: English
Do you have any prior experience with this position: I Have a lot of prior experience with this rank i was a former Super moderator and i have been moderator on several forums and currently have a little template forums
Why we should choose you: Because i like to release a lot of content and help out others and make this forum grow a lot by getting people together and throwing out a bunch of releases and getting gameservers to make the community bigger.
Anything we missed: Nope.

This is only for SkyDaddy to Assess this application.