Hey guys,
So i've been thinking some things over and i've decided that SSH will be expanding big time!
Basically i'm looking for members who can grow sections of the forums and help SSH expand, i want at least 1-2 mods on each section.
If you are knowledgeable in something and think SSH should make a section for it post here and i will consider it and possibly make you a mod!

Another thing that i wanted to bring up is advertising.
I'm looking for websites to advertise SSH on if you or anyone you know is willing to sell us ad space please comment below.

One last thing (This is pays money)
I want advertisers, i'm not sure on a price i'm willing to pay just yet, so contact me and we can negotiate.
Basically the job entails you going around and posting links to SSH and bringing in new users.
Most people would honestly be surprised how far 1 link to SSH on another site goes.
Just posting our link gets us close to 100 new members each time!

As i said this job will be paid for depending on how much work you do!