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Thread: [-TuT-] How To Set Up BackTrack 5 And Use It. [-Video-]

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    [-TuT-] How To Set Up BackTrack 5 And Use It. [-Video-]

    How To Set Up And Use BackTrack 5.

    Hello SSh I Saw a Thread On How To Install BackTrack 5
    But it Was Not Very Detaild So I have desided to Give You a Video TuT On How To Install/Update/Use It.

    This Video Was Not Made By Me! There Are More Grate Tutorials On His Youtube.

    If You Guys Need Any Help Setting This Up Feel Free To PM Me Or Add Me On Skype And I Will Help As Much As I Can, Please Do Not Spam Me

    SKYPE: EpIc-_-StOnEr94
    SSH: PM-Xperia7

    Hope This Helps You

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    Great Tutorial, thanks for the skype help.

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    Good tut, helped my friend

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    thanks for the helpful tut! cheers

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    thank you for the tutorial


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