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Thread: Why you should not buy from Trident (Also known as cdsisthe1 )

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    Why you should not buy from Trident (Also known as cdsisthe1 )

    So i went to buy one of his lifetime legit keys...

    Just read the skype chat!

    [5:08:27 AM] Trident: Hey guys I'm back!
    New lifetime CD-Keys are instock and are $5 each!
    NOTE: These CD-Keys won't get banned or go in use unless you hack
    on them or give them to your friends,these are from the original retailer but if you are looking to buy 
    hacking CD-Keys (stolen ones) they are $3 each.
    [5:52:51 AM] SkyDaddy, Dont fuck with me: Lifetime
    [5:52:52 AM] SkyDaddy, Dont fuck with me: Like
    [5:52:54 AM] SkyDaddy, Dont fuck with me: Are they legit
    [5:52:58 AM] SkyDaddy, Dont fuck with me: or still stolen?
    [6:03:27 AM] Trident: Legit
    [6:03:30 AM] Trident: From Bohemia
    [6:03:39 AM] Afitz ||27HacksAdmin|***y|AfitzHosting||: never resold?
    [6:03:48 AM] Trident: LOL no
    [6:04:01 AM] Afitz ||27HacksAdmin|***y|AfitzHosting||: i mean, You wont resell them?
    [6:04:11 AM] Trident: Nope
    [6:04:30 AM] Afitz ||27HacksAdmin|***y|AfitzHosting||: Where u get em from
    [6:04:43 AM] Trident: Got a friend
    [6:04:47 AM] Trident: Who gets them
    [6:05:14 AM] Afitz ||27HacksAdmin|***y|AfitzHosting||: What paypal should i send em to?
    [6:05:22 AM] Afitz ||27HacksAdmin|***y|AfitzHosting||: the money to*
    [6:05:33 AM] Trident: [email protected]
    [6:05:34 AM] Trident: as gift
    [6:05:38 AM] Trident: no gift=no key
    [6:05:55 AM] Afitz ||27HacksAdmin|***y|AfitzHosting||: Ok
    [6:05:57 AM] Afitz ||27HacksAdmin|***y|AfitzHosting||: Here is the think
    [6:05:59 AM] Afitz ||27HacksAdmin|***y|AfitzHosting||: thing
    [6:06:04 AM] Afitz ||27HacksAdmin|***y|AfitzHosting||: I dont like being scammed
    [6:06:07 AM] Afitz ||27HacksAdmin|***y|AfitzHosting||: I trust you
    [6:06:09 AM] Afitz ||27HacksAdmin|***y|AfitzHosting||: However
    [6:06:23 AM] Afitz ||27HacksAdmin|***y|AfitzHosting||: Can i send like 5.20 or something to cover the extra costs?
    [6:06:30 AM] Afitz ||27HacksAdmin|***y|AfitzHosting||: So i can send as normal
    [6:06:31 AM] Afitz ||27HacksAdmin|***y|AfitzHosting||: That way
    [6:06:52 AM] Afitz ||27HacksAdmin|***y|AfitzHosting||: If it gets in use, I get a new one or refund
    [6:07:09 AM] Trident: Well I can't really do that since I've spoke to Paypal twice last week and I told them that I have a server which people donate to
    [6:07:19 AM] Trident: And this business is on file on there side
    [6:07:27 AM] Afitz ||27HacksAdmin|***y|AfitzHosting||: oh
    [6:07:28 AM] Trident: Any other activity risks me in getting limited
    [6:07:34 AM] Afitz ||27HacksAdmin|***y|AfitzHosting||: :P
    [6:07:37 AM] Afitz ||27HacksAdmin|***y|AfitzHosting||: What did u do?
    [6:08:15 AM] Afitz ||27HacksAdmin|***y|AfitzHosting||: Sent
    [6:08:21 AM] Trident: After they limited my account I told them a fake story that I take donations for my server and they were like saying that services isn't the correct payment method for donations etc
    [6:08:28 AM] Trident: Let me see
    [6:15:12 AM] Afitz ||27HacksAdmin|***y|AfitzHosting||: ?
    [6:28:57 AM] Afitz ||27HacksAdmin|***y|AfitzHosting||: Hello?
    [6:53:54 AM] Afitz ||27HacksAdmin|***y|AfitzHosting||: DUDE
    Then, He doesnt reply, Forever
    I had my good friend pretend to buy from him, He then later added me into the call they had, And i said. DONT BUY FROM HIM HE IS A SCAMMER!

    My friend was talking over skype, not talking

    Sup scammer
    [7:32:52 AM] Afitz ||27HacksAdmin|***y|AfitzHosting||: Yea
    [7:32:54 AM] Afitz ||27HacksAdmin|***y|AfitzHosting||: However
    [7:32:55 AM] Afitz ||27HacksAdmin|***y|AfitzHosting||: I payed him
    [7:33:02 AM] Afitz ||27HacksAdmin|***y|AfitzHosting||: And i havent received a key yet
    [7:33:09 AM] Afitz ||27HacksAdmin|***y|AfitzHosting||: No
    [7:33:12 AM] Afitz ||27HacksAdmin|***y|AfitzHosting||: Yes
    [7:33:17 AM] Afitz ||27HacksAdmin|***y|AfitzHosting||: He has owned that forever
    [7:33:19 AM] Afitz ||27HacksAdmin|***y|AfitzHosting||: However
    [7:33:22 AM] Afitz ||27HacksAdmin|***y|AfitzHosting||: As soon as i pay him
    [7:33:32 AM] Trident: oh yeah sorry
    [7:33:37 AM] Trident: afitz check your chat
    Then he gave me the key, thinking that the sale was going to be legit...
    Then my friend sent me this (This was there chat history)

    [9:32:24 PM] cdsisthe1: ok
    [9:33:08 PM] cdsisthe1: oh that kid
    [9:33:23 PM] cdsisthe1: he ddos'd me im not dealing with him anymore
    [9:35:14 PM] Geordza Trakman: i dont rlly care if u scammed him
    [9:35:20 PM] Geordza Trakman: his a fucking cunt he said if I dont add him he will ddos me
    [9:35:27 PM] cdsisthe1: ikr ?
    [9:35:27 PM] Geordza Trakman: i dont blame you for scamming him
    [9:35:30 PM] cdsisthe1: i gave him the key tho
    [9:35:31 PM] Geordza Trakman: fucking hell
    [9:35:33 PM] Geordza Trakman: ah ok
    [9:35:43 PM] cdsisthe1: so you are looking for an offer?
    [9:35:45 PM] cdsisthe1: i mean
    [9:35:53 PM] cdsisthe1: you offer me $60 ?
    (btw my friend was joking to convince him)
    SO Basicly, He scammed me, then when my friend said he was going to spend 60 dollars, and I said he was a scammer he sent me the key. Then he said i said i would ddos him if he didnt give me a key

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    Move to scamming section?

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