Name (First): Ivan
Alias (what you prefer to be called): Karizan
Age: 19
Location: Russia - (Currently at Egypt)
Time Zone: GMT +2
Hours Available On Forum: 5-6 Hours
Do you have any experience with vBulletin: Yes
Position Applying for: Moderator
Do you know Any Coding Languages (If so please provide source code): VB , C++ , C# , Delphi, Source Code: Contributing VB Section, There you can find it.
Have you ever edited sqf: Yes
Have you ever created your own script: Yes
Do you have a decompiler: More than one
Do you have sandbox tools: Yes
Give an example of the last time you ran a sandboxed program: Fixing Application
Do you have Skype: Yes
Do you have a Microphone: Yes
Languages you Speak: Russian / English / Italian
Do you have any prior experience with this position: Yes, i was Mod Before the forum got hacked and i'm not staff at any other forum.
Why we should choose you: my experience in vB is good also i'm friendly and so many people know me and i keep sharing hacks, approving, etc.
Anything we missed: No.