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Thread: Free youtube bots

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    Free youtube bots

    Best free YoutTube Bots

    Vagex ---> Click me!

    Good for Likes and Subs (i dont use it for views cause its way easier to get with it the likes||use the firefox addon to gain credits)

    Enhanceviews --->Click me!

    well known youtube bot..good for all

    View2be ---> Click me!

    very fast bot, good for views and likes etc. also

    SYV ---> Click me!

    not that fast to gain credits with free membership but very effective and u get the views very fast/also good for likes etc.

    Would be nice if you could register under my referral links
    You lose nothing and i get some extra credits

    Will edit the thread later!Now no time
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    This doesn't belong here!
    :My Useful Threads:
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    wrong section

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    /Moved to general hacking tools


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    ehhhh why are the sites you put them on all blocked in my country >.<

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    Which one is better ?

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    i think SYV and view2be are the best

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrjellopislegend View Post
    Which one is better ?
    I recommend SYV I use it and have no problems with it.

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    There's also an automated HitLeap, and I have a private bot for addmefast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satiris View Post
    There's also an automated HitLeap, and I have a private bot for addmefast.
    Leak that addmefast bot plox
    I am a faggot

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