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Thread: Warranty. DayZ

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    Warranty. DayZ

    Hey guys, wasn't quite sure where to put this, so it is going here. First off I want to say you guys are great, when I buy keys from you they generally last a decent amount of time. However my issue is with your warranty. Every now and then I get a global ban within the 24 hour warranty. So I come back on to skype for a replacement. I give the time of purchase, the email I used to pay with, and the key. Then I wait. I will call and message trying to get some help (not spamming, usually an hour or so between messages) and still no response. Then about 3-4 days later you guys come back to me and say that the warranty has expired and now it is to late. How is that my fault? I do my best to get hold of you inside of the 24 hour warranty, but due to no response, I always get stiffed. I can understand that you might be busy or something, but when you claim to be online 24/7 (which you aren't) and offer a 24 hour warranty, it would be nice to actually get some kind of a response. Even if it is just, hey sorry helping another user, will get back to you in XX minutes. It makes me feel kind of let down by your service and tempted not to buy again, I know that is probably not even the tiny scratch in your income, but it also kind of ruins your rep. I just want to be able to play dayz, if I get banned after 24H then so be it, but some help would be appreciated when I am still within the warranty time.

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    I understand where your going.
    I never did this when I sold my keys ^^
    However, I don't sell keys anymore as i don't get them in my stealer that much...
    Yea, this happens a lot. Most people just care about money.

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    Well, dont worry man, when dayz standalone come out, dont hack or download keystealer!! and you have your dayz lifetime

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