I`m looking for exploits and tools on the following products:

1.Applications: Windows, Java, Apache, Flash, Wordpress, Adobe, MS Office, PDF - RCE 0day
2.Social Network: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn - RCE 0day
3.Messengers: Whatsapp, Telegram Messenger, VOXER - RCE 0day
4.E-mails: Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail - RCE 0day
5.Routers: Cisco, Juniper, Huawei - RCE 0day
6.Browsers: IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari - RCE 0day
7.iOS and Android - LPE and RCE 0days

You can find me on jabber: [email protected]
or leave me a message on: [email protected]

The price and terms of the deal are negotiated personally. I don`t have problems with budget and I only look for serious sellers, who will be able to prove that their product is actually works.
If you are a scammer, please, don`t waste both of our time.