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Thread: How to repair corrupt SharePoint Database

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    How to repair corrupt SharePoint Database

    SharePoint Server is a highly popular database application used in businesses and large organizations. It provides a wide range of benefits to those who use it. On the

    other hand, it may cause some serious issues for SharePoint users. Corruption is consistent in computer application, we all know this fact. Databases created in

    SharePoint are not immune to corruption. We’ll discuss the most common reasons for corruption later in this blog.If SQL databases are damaged, you will lose important

    SharePoint data.However, SharePoint stores all its contents in a separate SQL Server machine. So, each data is not lost. The main problem is recovery. The recovery is

    based on two servers. The first one is running all your SharePoint services and the second one is Dedicated SQL server. Most users run Microsoft Office SharePoint

    Server (MOSS) 2007, but most people also apply Windows SharePoint Services (WSS).

    Download link ;-

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    Check SharePoint Server Document Recovery Tool to get back all saved data items from damaged SharePoint Server Database files with full accuracy. Our recommended Software easily restores all SharePoint Server MDF saved Views, Programmability, Table, etc. after corruption and can be use in all Windows based operating system including the latest Window 10 (both 32 & 64-bit).

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